And that’s four! After Percorsi (2013), Le mie 24 ore dolci (2014) and Crostate (2015), Gianluca Fusto’s fourth book will soon be in bookshops. Entitled MONO, published by Italian Gourmet, it starts from an idea that was born as a requirement and gradually becomes an opportunity: that of «giving an innovative sense to the single-portion segment, breaking rules that have settled over the years». He wants therefore to provide a different, contemporary point of view, describing the evolution of Gianluca Fusto’s vision up to its most recent and creative landfalls, «for us it is crucial to make people understand that pastry today means having a codified and recognisable style».
For this reason, MONO includes two sections dedicated to techniques and concepts respectively, and then five macro-chapters that will narrate how Fusto’s ideas finally become concrete sweetness: G-Sign focuses on the textures and brings out the heart of the creations until now hidden; Frolle Follie is obviously dedicated to shortcrust pastry, which has become his signature pastry; then there is Icons, because every pastry chef has those evergreen classics that he loves and would always like to see in his shop window; then Tailor Made, where the “perfect slice” enhances the essence of the single-portion; finally Eyes Cream, where pastry art and ice cream are combined.
Fusto, in the introduction to his book, quotes Van Gogh: “I dream of painting and then I paint my dream”. And he explains: “For me, this book was a bit like that, but once it was released, my ideas took on even more intense fragrances and nuances, those of sharing”