The site you are now seeing, which has been completely renovated and is highly innovative, is not just the web image of Gianluca Fusto: it is proof that the growth process of the great Milanese pastry chef has taken a further step – almost as if it were a Fusto 3.0.
Created by the Sicilian agency Copystudio and online since 23 May, becomes the perfect container in which to spread all the news about the ‘Gianluca Fusto world’ – his courses, initiatives, consultancies, recipes, mouth-watering creations – but also where to follow the evolution of his style, from the beginnings to the first prestigious steps, then when he met Linda and the latest events
“Here on the new site we are going to tell you about ourselves, what we do, there will be videos and photo galleries”. A sparkling career and still so fresh, just at the click of a mouse. It will be an indispensable consultation and sharing tool for professionals in the sector, amateurs but also the simply curious who want to know more about what is happening in the sweetest sector there is.
And that’s not all: a specific section will take us step by step to the big event next October, when Gianluca Fusto’s first ‘physical place’ will be inaugurated, its home that promises to become ours too. Here on the site there will be all the information and events to find out more… but we will talk about it again!
In the meantime, enjoy your reading.